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Viking Dryboot (limited availability)

Can’t find your size? Try NEW ‘Harris’ Dryboots

∙ IN STOCK for delivery next day.
∙ 100 % waterproof, lace-up rubber boots.
∙ Self cleaning, anti-clog sole. ‘D’ Ring lacing.
∙ Full lining with additional padding to the ankle and along the footbed.
∙ The Viking Dryboot is the ideal work/gardening/walking boot.
∙ Tough, comfortable and reliable.
∙ Boots fit according to usual shoe size.




The Viking dryboot is a 100 % waterproof, lace-up rubber boot and is considered a classic piece of hardy footwear. You may also know the Viking Dry Boot as the well known ‘Bridgedale boot’ that it replaces. We are one of a very small number of retailers for Viking Dryboots and hold most sizes in stock for immediate dispatch.

NOTE: The Viking Dryboot is no longer produced meaning the sizes we have in stock are all that are available. Why not try the new replacement boot for the Viking – The Harris Dryboot. New name, same trusted design and construction, you can order your pair here. All sizes in stock, the Harris Dryboot is the very same boot as the Viking, just with a new name.

The Viking Dryboot features 100 % waterproof rubber construction with a cotton lining and sturdy laces. Self cleaning, anti-clog soles make them ideal walking boots and suitable for almost any terrain. ‘D’ Ring lacing and full lining with additional padding to the ankle and along the footbed mean they stay confortable and last well. We have had several customers who report wearing the same pair of Viking Dryboots for almost 15 years!

The Viking Dryboot is the ideal work/gardening/walking boot. Whether you are dog walking or fell walking the Viking Dryboot is tough, comfortable and reliable, and great value for money. Viking Dry Boots fit according to usual shoe size.

Can’t find your size? Try NEW ‘Harris’ Dryboots

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22 reviews for Viking Dryboots

  1. Katrina (verified owner)

    I love my Viking dryboots! It’s my first pair, and it won’t be my last. They’re unbelievably comfortable and roomy and perfectly waterproof for wet and soggy weather. I am delighted with the purchase.

  2. Nicholas Cooper

    These were bought to replace my Viking Dryboots. The old ones lasted quite some years, stayed waterproof and were comfortable, despite a foot problem- arthritic big toe. The boot tops are soft enough to be comfortable despite sensitive feet. The sole is sound. My first use of the new pair shows them to be just as good, I’m pleased with them. They arrived fairly quickly and are good value. The ankle is protected and supported. Good for my gardening business use and for leisure walks. A good fit too, even with an extra pair of boot socks.

  3. Derek Rae (verified owner)

    This pair for my partner. Comfy from the very first wear, plenty room for an extra pair of cosy socks.
    I have had a pair for over a year now and they are my choice for walking the dog through wet grass mud and puddles. Great all round dry boots – better than wellies for going any distance (imho).

  4. Tom Hubbard (verified owner)

    These were a present for my partner and she is over the moon with them.

  5. Linda Sneddon (verified owner)

    Excellent boots. Perfect for dog walking in wet, muddy conditions!

  6. eileen taylor (verified owner)

    Superb service with delivery day after I ordered. The boots are excellent. Waterproof and comfortable on my walks through the very wet hills and moors of Lancashire.

  7. Fiona. Northants (verified owner)

    These boots are heavier than my leather walking boots but you don’t notice this when wearing them. The laces are too long but that’s easily solved. These boots are comfortable and easy to clean. I’ve just been to the New Forest in them and across pebbly beaches – they coped very well. Great boots.

  8. Mike Peart

    I have been using Dryboots since they first came in to the Country. I have got through 9 pairs. I worked for the Forestry Commission for 17 years. Best boots ever, and never make you feet sweat.My friends took my advice and use them. Pity they are not advertised more.

  9. Pippa Hill

    My Viking boots have arrived and I am very pleased with them. They are just what I’ve been looking for. I do find the laces a bit long though. Thinking of cutting them in half, then I will have 2 pairs of laces!!

  10. Pauline Haselhurst (verified owner)

    Brilliant boots keep feet dry and warm in all weathers. These boots are more comfortable than walking boots.

  11. Sue (verified owner)

    Fantastic boots and service

  12. Nora Browning

    Brilliant service in every way

  13. Mary Peebles (verified owner)

    Boots arrived next day. Reason I bought them because my husband has had his for many years and I have gone through quite a few leather boots over the same period. They are comfortable and keep my feet dry walking through burns.

  14. Mrs. G. Pickup (verified owner)

    Brilliant service, boots arrived day and a half after l ordered. Last pair lasted eight years worn regularly walking dogs.

  15. A KIRK (verified owner)

    Excellent boots at a fair price, hopefully they will last a few years before i buy another pair.

  16. Jill White (verified owner)

    This is the third pair I’ve purchased from Boot & Saw! I always find they are very friendly and helpful people, with good service and very prompt delivery. I live in the Lake District and find these boots ideal for our boggy yet rocky terrain. Although they are heavy, they’re comfortable and supportive to wear and every bit as strong as a three-season walking boot. The National Park Rangers used to wear them – they originally recommended them to me. All in all, great boots and a great company!! PS love the new laces!!

  17. R Baker

    Viking boots received today – very prompt and in time for another wet day
    walking crops! Thanks.

  18. K King

    I was delighted to find that I could still purchase this type of boot, the pair I am replacing were bought for me by my husband over 20 years ago. I’m hoping that this pair will last me just as long!!
    Just had to say how impressed I am with the swift service you have provided!! I really thought that I was going to have to be patient but my boots arrived today! Thanks again, 10/10 for service!

  19. H Davies

    Viking boots arrived safely yesterday. Used this a.m Comfortable, fit for purpose, all positive – no adverse comment ! and that from a recognised nit-picker !!

  20. T Wigfall

    The Dryboots boots I ordered yesterday arrived today, so I’d just like to say many thanks for the great service.

  21. D Cowan

    Just a follow-up email to let you know that we received the two pairs of boots okay and they fit brilliantly. Thanks again.

  22. C Croy

    Thank you very much for my Viking boots and your service. Got my package when I came back from holiday, I am really happy with them. They were to replace my old pair of ten years +

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