Aigle Swipol Protector Spray 200ml


Aigle Swipol Protector Spray 200ml


  • Aigle Swipol Boot Cleaner Spray
  • Protective spray for rubber walking/ wellington boots
  • Protects rubber whilst enhancing it’s appearance
  • Use regularly to protect and polish your rubber boots


Aigle Swipol Protector Spray 200ml. Keep your rubber boots in good condition- Swipol spray cleans, polishes and protects the rubber to keep it supple whilst helping to prolong the life of your wellingtons and rubber boots.

The Swipol Care Product is a maintenance product for rubber boots. Spray Aigle Swipol onto boots for that extra bit of shine then simply wipe with a cloth. The Aigle Swipol Spray gives your rubber boots their radiance back and helps to keep the rubber from drying out, as well keeping them looking great.

Steps for application:

1. Clean the boots with plain or slightly soapy water. Use a soft brush for difficult spots.
2. Dry the boot with a soft cloth (Never dry the boots by placing them near a source of heat or by placing them in direct sunlight)
3. Use Aigle Swipol Protector Spray to give your boots their former brilliance:- Spray the product on the boots from a distance of 10cm- Then wipe the boots with a soft cloth. We recommend treatment after every wash.

Aigle Swipol Spray is also great for looking after your Viking Dryboots or Harris Dryboots.


*Note: We cannot accept returns of aerosol products.

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