A personal project, this table was given a sympathetic restoration after I spotted it looking rather sorry for itself in a second hand store. Believed to once have been an art school desk, the table top was unattached with a huge split down the centre, covered in thick 70s dark varnish. The top was cut in half and routed before being joined back together. Then the painstaking process of removing the old varnish could begin whilst being careful not to remove all the character marks. Once this was done, the battered corners were repaired before a few fresh coat of varnish could be applied. I decided to simply clean the bottom of the table as the colour and chipped paint was what attracted me to it origninally. This combined with a freshly refurbished and reattached top means this table has been given a whole new lease of life whilst still referencing its past.

August 04, 2011 — Tristan Harris