We’ve added a few footwear essentials to the range and starting from £9.99, they are great value too.

First up is the trust boot Wooden ‘Boot Jack’ boot remover. An essential piece of kit for anyone who struggles to remove their boots without help! Simply place your boot heel into the fork and stand on the platform with your other foot. Your foot then easily slips out of the muddy boot, hands free. Perfect for the back door or back of the car. Light to carry, our boot jack fits neatly inside our Aigle boot bags which is the second addition..

The new Aigle Wellington Boot Bag stores your wellies out of the way and keeps your vehicle and carpets clean. Featuring a handy pocket for your boot jack, gloves, dog lead etc it is vented to let your boots air out. Waterproof and tough, Aigle Boot Bags are suitable for all Aigle Wellingtons and even your walking boots. The handy carry handle makes moving your boot bag about easy and having somewhere to stash your muddy boots in the back of your just cleaned car is worth every penny.

Finally, you can now buy Aigle Swipol Protector Spray from Boot&Saw. Swipol spray helps to prolong the life of your wellingtons and rubber boots by cleaning, polishing and protecting the rubber to keep it supple. Spray Aigle Swipol onto boots for that extra bit of shine then simply wipe with a cloth. The spray gives your rubber boots their radiance back and helps to keep the rubber from drying out, as well keeping them looking great. Not just for wellingtons, Swipol is great for Viking and Harris Dryboots and pretty much all other rubber footwear.

So there you have it. All of our footwear essentials and more can be found in the accessories section of the shop.

December 04, 2015 — Tristan Harris