Need somewhere really special to store and display your favourite surfboards, or simply need a board rack that fits in with you existing hardwood furniture? – Our bespoke Oak Surf Racks may be just the ticket.

Having recently been commissioned by a number of customers to make an Oak version of our ever popular surfboard rack, the results were so successful that we are now offering it as a bespoke option on request.

Each is hand-made using sustainably sourced oak from managed forests, which is both an attractive and durable hardwood. Designed and hand crafted in house, we use European Oak, which naturally features a beautiful colour and grain and unlike American Oak, doesn’t have to be shipped from across the World. Each rack is supplied semi assembled and ready oiled with Osmo Polyx oil which provides a hard-wearing satin finish, bringing out the natural colour of the wood.

More than just a place to stash your boards, our Oak Surfboard Racks are a standalone piece of furniture that will last a lifetime.

If you would like a surfboard rack in Oak, just ask and we’ll send you a quote.