Open Studios provided an excuse to make something that shows what we do outside of the usual stands and racks.

As a result, what we have here is an end grain stool. The top consists of an arrangement of blocks in ‘Spalted Beech’ and Cornish Oak, their grain running vertically. A combination of natural marbling and contrasting colours in the two species gives a beautiful effect that is finished to a high sheen with many hours of sanding and several coats of bees wax.

The base of the stool is a simple beech frame with a satin black finish. This was kept minimal to emphasise the impact of the intense seat and keep the stools profile clean.

Alternature End Grain Stool

Unfortunately, the stool wasn’t ready for the opening weekend but the results were, we think, worth waiting for. This stool is now for sale. Drop us a line here.

June 14, 2012 — Tristan Harris