It’s been a busy few months for commission work here at Alternature.

The first of which was a commission for local jeweler Victoria Walker for a set of ring boxes for her exquisit ‘kinetic’ jewellery. Beautiful and intricate, Victorias signature ‘seed-pod’ lockets feature tiny articulated flowers that emerge and unfold from within. Made from silver, gold, gemstones and diamonds, every piece is carefully handcrafted by Victoria in her workshop in Cornwall.

We were asked to make some ring boxes to compliment the jewellery without detracting from it. A simple yet elegant design was produced with the boxes made in a local Sycamore, chosen for its light colour. They were then finished in lemon oil and sealed with bee’s wax for a subtle sheen. A lazer etched lid and bold ribbon provide the final touches. I think the results speak for themselves. Visit Victoria’s Walkers website for details on her work.

May 25, 2012 — Tristan Harris